July 7, 2023


Texas Wines Deserve Respect
Everyone know that everything is bigger and better in Texas! Well, if that were the case, Texas would be recognized for its outstanding wines. The wines you get at HEB and SPEC’S from Texas are good, but the BEST Texas wines are made in small, handcrafted lots just like those California wines. Those wines are not normally found in stores because those quantities of a few hundred cases are sold all at the wineries. If you were to sell your wines at HEB’s 800+ stores, you are expected to provide a few thousand cases. When you have several hundred cases, you want to provide those boutique wines to your Winery’s Wine Club Members with the rest sold at the winery. The quality is there in Texas wines. At the last major California Wine Competition under California Wine Judges against the BEST of California’s wines, Texas wines were recognized by those California Wine Judges with:
• Thirteen BEST of Show
• Twenty-Three Double Gold Medals
• Over one hundred Gold Medals
I call this showing the Judgment of San Francisco, paralleling the event which catapulted California wines into the world scene in 1976 which was labelled the Judgment of Paris. Texas got its first winery after the end of Prohibition in 1976. That SF Wine Competition shows that Texas can grow outstanding grapes and make world class wines from those Texas grapes. It’s not that Texas makes the BEST wine in the world. It’s just that Texas makes great wines with other wine regions as well! There is no “rocket science” in making great works of art. Texas now knows how to make great quality wines just like the “wine artists.” Texas wineries hand-craft their “works of wine art,” making wines that EQUAL the world’s great wine, using grapes that have been found to grow beautifully in Texas. California is known for its Napa Cabernet Sauvignons. Texas is becoming known for it great Tannats, Sangioveses, Tempranillos, and more.
You can enjoy these great Texas wines in the Texas Hill Country where wineries have become commonplace. You can also go to the Texas High Plains where the grapes are grown with more of those growers using their grapes to make boutique wines. You can find these great wines at events held at the 11th Annual Brownfield Chamber of Commerce “Grape Capital of Texas Wine Festival” where you can sip on a variety of world class wines and visit the vineyards on July 7th and 8th.
Perhaps you want a side-by-side blind wine tasting to compare Texas wines and other world class wines. The Texas Wine Club based in Fredericksburg near Hye, Texas has a challenge for those of you who think that Texas doesn’t produce great wines. Join them at their tasting room at 272 Rocky Road at 2 pm Saturdays. This is your opportunity to try quality Texas Wines against wines from Napa, France, and other great wine regions. The Texas wines they serve are not those common, mass-produced Texas wines found at HEB or other wine shops. Do a taste test to see the Texas difference. Texas wines in today’s world have evolved into great wines

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