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Ron’s Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Corks have been the age-old wine container closure, replacing olive oil floating on vats of wine to keep air off the wine and oxidizing the wine. Modern technology has added the Stelvin Screw Cap with inner plastic liner. These Stelvin Caps are designed to keep wines fresh, crisp, and fruit-forward. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines use these Stelvin caps to keep their wines fresh. BTW, these wines with screw caps are not meant to be aged. Please drink when purchased.
A Rose’ is made using a red wine grape varietal in the same manner you would as a white wine. Rose’ wines are fermented without grape skins which give the red wine its color.
A blush wine is a blend of previously fermented red wines and white wines with the blend consisting of mostly white wines.
The winemaker decides which wines will be aged in oak barrels. Oak barrels do two things to wines during aging, being adding layers of cinnamon spice, leather tones, and other flavors PLUS concentrating the wines slightly during aging allowing the water in the wine to evaporate through the oak.
There are over 8,000 different grape varietals in the world, including native American grapes, European varietals, and Asian varietals from areas like the country of Georgia.