Wine and Food Week Grand Tasting
June 2, 2023


Grandest Tasting of All
Only eight more days until the GRANDEST wine and food tasting of all. Next week is Wine and Food Week in The Woodlands ending with a huge event, taking over all of the first floor convention center of around one acre of air conditioned floor space. This elegant event begins with a ceremony at 6:45 with a sparkling wine toast to this year’s inductee into the Wine and Food Week Hall of Fame. Patricia Sharpe is the “restaurant critic” for Texas Monthly and is this year’s inductee. She has encouraged restaurants in Texas to higher and higher standards. The doors to the lavish convention center open at 7 pm for your enjoyment and pleasure. See how this event shows you the sum of wine plus food equals ART. Look for artistic renditions of various art forms throughout the massive hall. There will be over 500 different wines for you to choose and enjoy. Besides the standard Chardonnays, Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignons, and Zinfandels, look for the non-traditional wine varietals and blends. If you want an experience to savor and experience a diversified portfolio of wines in one evening, this is it! This event will definitely elevate yourself to the next level of wine enjoyment if you invest yourself into it! Wines will be distributed over the acre of this showcase in various pod with Chefs from all over the world including local Chefs cooking in the various pods. At last review, there were 26 male Chefs and six women Chefs creating their artistic plates for you to enjoy with the wines. Those “pieces of art” will be judged by a panel of Food Judges to determine the Chef of Chefs for this gala. The winning Chef will receive a cash award of $5,000 and the coveted crystal Chef of Chefs Award presented by Goya Foods. This award will be bestowed at the closing ceremony at 10 pm.
Inductee Patricia Sharpe, Bill Freidhof’ from Llano Estacado Winery, myself and other wine/food celebrities will be on the Grand Tasting Floor for you to ask questions. I hope you will join me in congratulating Patricia Sharpe for her many years of service in our food industry. The wines to be served at this event will be of superior quality. There will be a “Bubbles Cove” for those who adore the sparkling wines. The foods will be served in extraordinary fashion. Live art and entertainment will be found throughout the “acre of wine and food.” This event will be much more than your typical casual wine and food event. I plan on wearing my Tuxedo, boots, and 10 gallon hat. This event is just that good. I also plan to be driven to and picked up from the event in fashion since I am not sure if I should be driving after indulging in three hours of wine, foods, and art!
If you want to elevate to the premium, I recommend to also get a ticket to the Bayway Cadillac VIP Luxury Lounge in the corner of this wine/food showcase. The guarded entry to this lounge is ONLY for VIP’s who have the panache and have acquired the VIP treatment. Wines and foods in this area will be at the PREMIUM Level. A few years back, I sampled a $3,000 Italian wine handcrafted by international winemaker Danny Schuster. AND YES, it was worth it!
Tickets for this event are limited and can be purchased for general entry into The Wine Rendezvous Grand Tasting and Chef Showcase and into the Bayway Cadillac VIP Luxury Lounge via the internet at I hope to see you there. Look for a 6’-3” tall Texan! You can’t miss me!

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