April 10, 2020


Stan and Peggy McGinley fell in love with wines while doing business in Europe, particularly in Italy. After retiring, this world-traipsing couple made their dream of having a vineyard, and bought acreage in Walker County, Texas. Approximately 360 acres was purchased with acres of Blanc du Bois and Lenoir (aka Black Spanish) grapes planted in 2009. They and the McGinley Family have expanded their family-planted vineyards over the years to the 15 acres of planted grapes that West Sandy Creek Winery has today. They even tried their hands with Tempranillo grapes, but that small plot has reduced capacity with challenges from Pierce’s Disease which is rampant over the this Gulf Coast region The McGinley Family got their vineyard planting/operating instruction from Fritz Westover who was with Texas A and M Extension Service when the vineyards were first planted. Fritz has become somewhat of a Texas legend in the vineyard business and is now consulting all over the world via his Westover Vineyard Advising (www.VirtualViticultureAcademy.com). Winemaking capabilities were enhanced with fellow Texas winemakers assisting on an ongoing basis to produce award-winning wines from their estate-grown grapes. Recently Morgan Mooney, a young winemaker was engaged fulltime to help with the McGinley Family vineyard/winery operations. Look for great things to happen with this recently engaged 23 year old!
This winery nears Richards, Texas at 1773 FM 1791 just celebrated its first year earlier in March which was the same day that Corona Virus shutdown occurred the State of Texas. Although their tasting room is closed due to COVID19, they still sell their 33 different, estate-grown, award winning wines to the public. Sandy McGinley who now directs operations for the Family told me, “From the three varieties of grapes we grow, we produce nine distinctly different wines: four Blanc (sweet, dry, oaked, and dessert); three Lenoir (sweet/blush, dry, and port); and two blends – Bounty Land Crossings, a Tempranillo/Lenoir blend, and our rose’, a Blanc du Bois/Lenoir blend. We focus on making wines from grapes grown on the property, but we are expanding to include grapes grown in other parts of Texas, such as purchasing Texas Malbec wine and other white grape varieties to expand our wine cellar and offer more varieties of wine to our customers.
Our wines have been very well received, receiving medals from international competitions held in both Texas and New York which include entries of hundreds of other wines from all over the world. We are extremely proud of the recognition West Sandy Creek Winery’s wines have received from the Texas International Wine Competition, the Lone Star International Wine Competition, and the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, as well as very favorable feedback from our family, friends and other wine lovers.” Sandy informed me their unique wines are available to pick up at their winery which is located on what has historically been called Bluebonnet Hill. With the bluebonnet season in almost prime time, plan a drive to view the flowers and purchase local, estate wines. Please call ahead at 936-436-9050 or email at [email protected] to confirm times for their Friday-Saturday-Sunday wine pickups.
Once COVID19 pandemic simmers down, the winery grounds have four rustic, but elegant cabins for you, friends, and family to enjoy! These rental cabins on the winery grounds have lots of opportunity for wine and wind-down time!

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