October 28, 2022


Make Every Day a Texas Wine Day!
As Texas Wine Month slowly ends with its hype, why not make EVERY DAY a Texas Wine Day? Texas is producing many outstanding wines with a limited few available at grocery/wine stores. At Texas’ largest wine store, being HEB Grocery Store, you can find several outstanding Texas wines that are moderately priced like Becker (Iconoclast series, Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah, Merlot Reserve), Llano Estacado (Chardonnay, Viviano, Viognier), Fall Creek Vineyards, Messina Hof (love their Cabernet Franc), Bending Branch Winery, William-Chris, and more. However, the BEST Texas Wines are not sold in the stores, but ONLY at the Texas Wineries. These small-lot, boutique wines are not available in the stores because there is not enough of those great wines to go to the stores. Beside those Texas Wineries deserve to get the full dollar of retail vs. 50 cents on the dollar when they go to the store. This is also true for wines from California. With almost a thousand wineries, Texas has a lot of different wine styles to choose from. These styles include 100% varietals, red blends, white blends, roses’, and blushes (blend of finished red and white wines). Texas also has several special-series wines such as:
• Messina Hof Winery has released five wines honoring a legacy of spirit and sacrifice, being their new National Museum of the Pacific War Collection. They are proud to be a veteran-owned business and honored to work with the National Museum of the Pacific War to showcase a wine collection that pays respect to the brave men and women who served this country during World War II. Raise a glass of any of these five wines to camaraderie, bravery, faithfulness, and brilliance, and service. These five wines are perfect for our upcoming cool weather.
• Fall Creek Vineyards just released its 2021 Mission San Antonio de Valero, Alamo Cabernet Sauvignon, a limited-edition wine that celebrates Texas heritage. Ed Auler, Fall Creek Vineyards’ co-founder, was inspired to create a special wine to honor Texan heroes, such as William B. Travis, who sacrificed themselves on the hallowed ground of the Mission San Antonio De Valero, also known as the Alamo. This new wine captures history in a bottle as some of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for this special wine were grown at Oxbow Vineyard, the estate vineyard of Fall Creek Vineyards at Driftwood, which is situated on land originally owned by William B. Travis.
BTW, the weather is getting cooler so wine shipments should not be affected. Please check out these wines and the thousands of other wines available for shipping from Texas Wineries. Whatever your taste in wines, please make it an award-winning Texas wine!
In a few days, Halloween will be upon us. Enjoy a haunted trails and great wines at the B.E. Winery on the north side of Conroe from 7 to 10 pm. Tickets are available online at www.BEWinery.com. Adults only for this haunted trail on Friday and Saturday nights.
Texas Restaurants serving Texas Wines
Ronin Restaurant is actually a farm adjacent to a restaurant. There is nothing better than farm-fresh vegetables walked a few feet from the garden into a kitchen. This Bryan-based restaurant has an extensive wine list serving wines from Texas wineries like Lost Draw, William-Chris, Austin Winery, and more. This country-style restaurant serves FRESH and knows that local foods pair best with local wines from Texas.

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